Emília Otčenášová

I’ve known this club since I was pregnant. I think that this is the only one in Trnava that offers swimming for pregnant women (they do not use public swimming pools, chlorinated water furthermore we do not have to worry for our extra kilos). During that beautiful period I had the opportunity to meet all the nice people, see a great team and get to know a great person Gabika Janovičová in her amazing lectures.
We, as people who appreciate swimming, knew right away that we wanted to try to swim with our son as soon as possible. We tried it in his 5 months and we are excited that he loves water as much as we do. We are already taking 8 courses and Oliver has made an incredible progress over that period. The club itself offers exercises for children, which we started to attend recently. Since we started to workout, Oliver can make somersaults forward … Plus for me as a mother on parental leave, there is room for getting to know other mothers and their children and have the possibility of socialising. I like that the team Kvapky is still educating, inventing various activities for children (eg masquerade ball …), renewing swimming aids or improving their premises, last but not least, they are willing to come out to us and our children all the time. Kvapka has won our trust ♥.

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