Our history

Trnava is a pretty big town. Over a hundred babies are born here every month. That is why we decided to build a small pool for babies to the age of 3 in 2005.

We started the 2006/2007 season in September with 72 babies.Year by year the number of swimmers was increasing and the parents started to ask:´You are doing great.What will you do when our children are 3 years old?´. There was no swimming pool for the 3-year-old babies in Trnava. That was why we invested again and we built a bigger pool for the older ones.

In the 2010/2011 season we opened the lessons for the pregnant. We offered the meetings with the proffesional midwife. The choice has been probably right. The pregnat women who were swimming with us and who were attending the lectures talk about natural and easy deliveries, non-problem breast-feeding start and most importantly, they enjoy their motherhood.

In the same season, we started the gym exercises with children. We offered another activity for parents and their children performing exercises, games with nursery rhymes in the gym. We use the tools specially designed for children of this age range so the children can develop in all aspects.

Since 2013 we have accomplished the international norm ISO requirements for the baby swimming and body movement activities, the aquaprenatal and the baby self-saving activities in water. We are the holders of ISO 9001:2015 certificate thanks to our aims and quality policy which is checked annualy.

Our 10 year effort is behind us and thousands of our satisfied customers are the proof that we can be truly proud of our work.We don´t stay behind and we keep learning in spite of rich experiences. We participate in new trainings, courses and workshops that educate us. We love our job, it fills us with joy and we realised that your children and you-parents are worth all the effort.

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