Aquatic children

Association conntcting clubs dealing mainly with the movement of small children in the water. Club Kvapka is the initiator and founder of this association.

Swimming club STU Trnava

Many of our instructors are former successful swimmers of the STU Trnava swimming section. Some are still working there as trainers. Club Kvapka supplies this section with small swimming talents.

World Aquatic Babies & Children Network

The World Association for the Swimming of Babies and Children is a partner with whom we have the opportunity to consult the methodological procedures applied in Kvapka. In the framework of cooperation we exchange experiences and inspire each other.

MAMILA (your brestfeeding advisor)

MAMILA is a civic association that provides assistance, counseling and support throughout the whole duration of breastfeeding.


Wide range and a very good selection of products for children that considering a healthy lifestyle.


Meduška was the first private kindergarten in Trnava. Since its opening, it has offered children extra activities. They trust us with the pre-swimming training and swimming courses for their preschoolers. Our cooperation lasts for 9 years.

School Besst

The Besst school swim with us, we have trainings in their premises and we have been working with management since it was established., our partner e-shop with quality swimming assortment. Goggles, caps, fins and neoprene for swimming for both small and large swimmers. The helpful staff will assist you and help with your selection.

Fashion by Kids

Fashion by Kids is a stylish clothing store for kids. You will find there not only their own brand Minioo, but also Juuj, MiLe, Moe and healthy goodies from Ellas Kitchen. is an online store that offers fashion for pregnant women in the latest trends and for every occasion. You will find there, among other things, a very nice pregnancy swimsuits.

TV Vega

Television of Trnava region focuses on socio-cultural events in the region. News from sport or culture has a positive impact on the audience.

Children's hairdressing

The baby hairdresser is beautifully decorated in a fairy tale style. When you come there with your princess or prince, they sit them right in McQueen from a fairy tale or other shiny car and show that haircutting can be fun.

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