Price list

Prices of swimming courses

One course contains 8 lessons. The classification for individual pools is according to the age of the child and we also take into account its individual abilities.

  • Cost of one course at “Kvapka” (T. Milkina 2) is 119 €.
    This pool is ideal for the youngest children aged 4 months to 30 months.
  • Cost of one course at TC Empire is 109 €.
    Swimmers aged 20 to 60 months will feel best in this pool.
  • Cost of one course at Aquapark is 99 €.
    The pool is perfect for children aged 45 to 96 months.
  • Cost of one course at Zátvor is 69 €.
    The pool is for older swimmers aged 7 to 13 years.

Siblings have a 20% discount on the total amount you would pay for specific swimming lessons together.

Prices of exercise courses

Course consists of 6 lessons and the price is:

  • For attendants of our swimming courses 40 €.
  • For everyone else 45 €.


Prihlásiť sa na kurz cvičenia

Prices of lectures and courses for mothers-to-be

Sign up for courses is independent based on individual scheduled lectures/lessons.

  • Price of water exercise lesson (aquaprenatal) is 8 €.
  • Prenatal course (4 lectures) costs 90 € + partner for FREE.
  • In case of taking one lecture (selected lectures) the price is 15 € /60 min. + partner for FREE.

Prihlásiť sa na lekcie pre tehuľky

Prices are valid from 1.1.2021 and include VAT.

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