We organize the Aquaprenatal (water exercises) and pre-delivery preparation for the moms-to-be with a proffesional midwife.

Aquaprenatal lessons

Swimming and water exercise is the most suitable exercise for the pregnant women.( According to the WHO). The aquaprenatal lessons are lead by the professional instructors and they contain:

  • yoga exercises
  • breathing exercises
  • body building exercises
  • relaxing exercises

The aim is the mums-to-be stay active till the end of the pregnancy.The lessons positively influence mental and physical preparation for the delivery. The lessons are aimed to all fit pregnant women from the 13th month till the end of the pregnancy. For a 40minute lesson, it is important to bring with you: a comfortable swimwear, a towel, flip-flops with the white sole, the things of personal use.

The lesson registration is possible by our registration system where you find the schedule of the closest lessons:

Schedule aquaparental

Lectures for the pregnant

For mums-to-be, we have organised a course “Preparing for childbirth and the first weeks with a newborn”.

You will learn information from the points of view of several sides (doctor and trainer), so you choose the way of applying the knowledge that will be most comfortable to you. You will learn about procedures applied directly in the maternity hospital in Trnava but also about possibilities in the neighbouring countries. Preparing for childbirth is nowadays a common thing, but it just begins there. That is why we have included the preparation for six weeks after childbirth in the course, where you will learn about proper handling of the newborn, positioning and bathing. Each lecture will include a space for a free discussion and your specific questions.

The course contains 4 lectures (you can also attend your chosen courses):

  • Natural birth and Relief Techniques during a Childbirth (Gabika Janovičová, 120 min.) = 35 €
  • Needs of the baby in first hours and days. The right breastfeeding and the after labour care of woman. (Gabika Janovičová, 120 min.) = 35nbsp;€
  • Preparation for a childbirth in Trnava hospital (MUDr. Zuzana Baková, 60 min.) = 20nbsp;€
  • The right way to take care of a newborn and practical examples (Mgr. Blanka Krajčovičová a Michaela Petríková, 120 min.) – 35nbsp;€

You can register for lectures for pregnant women using the registration system, where you can find the schedule of planned lectures. The price of the whole course is 110 € + FREE partners. In case of interest only in selected topics the price is stated above or here.

Sign up for a lecture for pregnant women

If there is no scheduled lecture, please contact us about your interest via email or a Facebook message.

Gabika Janovičová – skilled trainer with many years of experience in Slovakia and abroad. She is one of the founders of Women’s Circles and also co-author of the book Bonding – Mother’s Arms After Childbirth. Gabika is a lactation counselor, a childcare advisor and a hypnoproductor. She is also a mother of 3 children.

MuDr. Jana Dečková – certified gynaecologist-obstetrician in Trnava maternity hospital, with 15 years of experience in the field, with a number of professional trainings completed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Also a mother of 2 children.

MuDr. Zuzana Baková – certified gynaecologist-obstetrician in Trnava maternity hospital, with 10 years of experience in the field, with a number of professional trainings completed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Also a mother of 2 children.

Mgr. Blanka Krajčovičová – teacher, swimming coach, infant and toddler swimming instructor, graduate of Montessori pedagogy, bilateral integration seminars, workshops focused on the prophylaxis of learning disabilities in toddler and preschool age. Participant in international conferences focused on baby swimming, either as a listener or a lecturer. Also with a lot of courses that she attends but also organises. Chairwoman of the Association of Water Children Slovakia. Mother of 5 children and grandmother of her beautiful granddaughter.

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