Indoor body exercises with children

You can make your children move in the specialised gym. We build up the body, develop the skillfulness and improve the movement ability and coordination.

After a succesful start of the baby swimming, we opened the baby gym exercises from 6 months to 4 years. We exercise with the tools designed fot this age in the gym completely adjusted for children. We develop the skillfulness, strenghten the body, soften the senses, develop the recognising and intellectual skills, we focus on the development of body movements and we improve the coordination.

The exercises are guided by our trained instructors who keep educating in this field. They know that children love rhytm, songs, rhymes. A lot of children calm down with the first verse.
The exercises in the rhytm are remembered easier, it is more fun and the children develop the memory. Thanks to the rhymes they know which exercise is coming and what is expected from them.They learn a specific movement along with the rhyme and they can improve it later on.The parents often say when they come home their children recite the rhyme from the lesson and they do the specific movement that goes with it.

They can stretch their bodies, jump, run etc. Naturally, this way they obtain another stimulas for their development. The musical, intellectual and physical education are combined in an excellent way in the exercises organized by us.

Whereas children don´t attend a daycare, they socialise within a group which they know.
That is why the exercises with the peers naturally help the children to get ready for the daycare.
After starting the daycare, the exercises strenghten the bond between the parent and the child, it is their common activity, their active time together that they both enjoy.

What do you need to wear while exercising?

  • clothing in which a child feels comfortable to roll over, jump, dance or run
  • socks with an anti-slip platform or shoes with a soft platform
  • the only rule for parents to wear is to wear something comfortable to participate actively in the activities with their child.

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