Lucia, Tomáš and Dominika Vejčíkoví

I chose Kvapka as soon as I found out that we were expecting a baby. I was really looking forward to the pre-natal preparation and also for swimming of pregnant women. I could not swim at that time because of the state of my health. All the more I could not wait to start swimming with my little one. We started when she was 5 months old, because we were waiting for a little younger friend &#x1f60a Our Dominika is born prematurely, so we passed neurological examinations and we did not miss the exercise „Vojtovka“. But that ended in about half a year because I couldn’t keep her head on the mat since she had so much strength. We did not exercise in the end, but we went swimming and it was all by itself. Neurologist and physiotherapist did not want to believe me when I told them that we were not exercising and that it was just swimming. After 3 months in Kvapka, the neurological health office has eliminated us and we are only supposed to go on annual checkups &#x1f60a Whenever possible and my husband is free to walk together and he is with her in the water. For our family Kvapka we highly recommend and we have only positive experience. Thank you very much &#x1f60a

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