Lucia and Adamko Vargoví

Kvapka is one wonderful, eye catching and delightful place. We have been swimming with Adam since he was four months old and even though we had to miss the a few lessons of the course, we felt and we still feel at home. Adam enjoys swimming very much, he can see his progress as he tries to apply exercises and activities at home in the bathtub. Of course only partially, we do not have a swimming pool in the bathroom :) You have created a positive relationship to the water in him and he is not afraid of it anymore. Quite the contrary, he enjoys it very much, and all swimming associations create a smile on his face. And for that, my husband and I are very grateful. Our instructor Zuzka is always smiling, accommodating, patient and attentive to each of us. Our children like it very much and it makes swimming fun for them. Photography and diplomas are a nice gift and a memory that beautifully stands out in the frame on the shelf or “shines” on the refrigerator. After all, every mother is proud of her swimmer or little mermaid.

Dear KVAPKA, thank you for what you do and how you do it. We wish many, many successes, happy parents and many happy little swimmers.

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