All three of our girls attend lessons in Kvapka. We are very satisfied. We like the fact that it is not a “squirming” of children in the water, but a thoughtful concept of bringing children from the youngest age to the right habits, good swimming and the joy of moving in the water. After each course, we see the results and we are especially pleased that the children are happy about their success and always enjoy the Drop. 5-year-old Ester is already able to swim the whole length of a pool, 3-year-old Miriam jumps into the water like a seal and the smallest 8-month-old Johanka is just starting to enjoy her first dives. We also appreciate the professional and kind attitude of all instructors who always strive to accommodate and can show the children the joy of learning and movement. We hope for the future that Kvapka will continue to maintain a high standard in swimming teaching in Trnava. The town and its surroundings would be very beneficial if Kvapka once had its own large pool for older children.

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